Restaurant Online Ordering Systems

Don't Let Covid-19 Stop You From Serving Your Customers

Sample Burger Site


Is your restaurant losing sales because of the current lockdown from COVID-19?

We have a solution!

The solution is an online ordering system that makes things so much easier for both you and your customers, all while increasing your sales.

Don’t just sit there.

Get your doors open "virtually" and start servicing your customers again.


Here's what you can look forward to with an online ordering system:

  • Fast Setup
  • Start Receiving Orders Immediately
  • Host Unlimited Items In Your Online Menu
  • Loaded With Options And Features


Below are examples of the Hamburger and Luxury Restaurant websites.




Example Of A Burger Restaurant Site

Luxury Order Page 4


The picture above is the Order Page of the Hamburger website.



Burger Restaurant Menu Setup

Burger Site Menu Setup

Luxury Restaurant Order Page

Luxury Restaurant Order Page

Luxury Restaurant Order Page (cont.)

Luxury Order (cont)

Luxury Restaurant Menu Setup

Luxury Restaurant Menu Setup

Basic Restaurant Plan

Our Basic Plan Includes The Following:

  • Robust Online Ordering System
  • Fast Installation
  • Customized with Your Logo & Restaurant
  • Instant Notification of Online Orders
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Unlimited Menu For You To Fill In

Basic Restaurant Plan One-Time Price:




The "Basic Plan" is a good start.

We provide all the video training you need to do things like setting up your menus

However, not everyone wants to spend time setting up their menus, among other things.

If you don't have the time to set up your menus, we can set up your menus for you.

Just give us your menus, and we will guote you a price.